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Businesses that are looking to capitalize on their existing legacy key or PBX telephone system have a few options available to them from many of the major carriers we represent.  Integrated VoIP and SIP trunk circuits integrates both your voice and data services through a single network connection to reduce excessive costs, boost productivity and give you access to advanced features and functionality.


VoIP Solutions To Maximize Business Efficiency and Lower Costs

HostedVOIPservice.net has different efficiency maximizing integrated VoIP services that will be very complementary to your existing Telecom Hardware investment, we can also design an end-to-end VoIP solution with the necessary equipment provided to set-up your Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and remote workers.  In modern day telecom the days of implementing and maintaining multiple voice and data connections and different providers is gone, for your voice and data services with a new unified connectivity communications solution.

Integrated T1 Service

Get a VoIP solution with feature-rich voice service, high-speed Internet and powerful networking your business needs, all on a dedicated connection utilizing your existing equipment. Add a host of enhanced features including voice mail, managed network security, conferencing and more, with the convenience of one easy-to-understand monthly bill.

A Single Package. A Single Price.

Windstream’s Integrated T1 gives you all the voice, data, and networking services your business needs in a single package for a single price—for truly one-stop shopping.

Integrated T1 in a Made-to-Order Voice and Data Bundle

Integrated T1 Voice and Data service offers a business the ultimate flexibility in a made-to-order bundle. With an Integrated T1, you can select the voice, Internet speed and networking type services your business needs on one dedicated connection. Other networking services like point-to-point for voice and private line for data applications can ensure secure voice communications and data transfer. Robust web type services featuring web hosting, domain name registration, email with spam, and anti-virus scanning can also be added. Not to mention, a host of enhanced features that including voicemail, managed network security, audio and web conferencing and much more. Integrated T1’s offer an easy-to-understand solution at the right price.

Dynamic IP VoIP Service

Maximize your business network with a converged VoIP Dynamically allocated network solution that providers your business with superior phone quality and service using your existing in house, on-premises PBX telephone system, and high-speed Broadband Internet access. Dynamic IP VoIP services utilize SIP functionality that will automatically alternate usage between Voice, Internet and MPLS services in real time as your traffic needs change.

A Dynamic Cost-Saving Alternative

Dynamically advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions provide a your business a single network connection for your phones and your high speed Internet service. This product allows you to take full advantage of a converged VoIP network and still use your current on-premises, In-house PBX or Key telephone system and hardware, so there is no need to replace your existing phone system.

An Efficient VoIP Solution that Allocates Bandwidth on Demand

A Dynamic IP connection is a VoIP solution with a sophisticated bandwidth management technology built in. Traditional old school telecommunications service requires separate channels or trunks for voice and Internet usage, while Dynamic IP service uses modern day VoIP technology that will prioritize and allocate usage traffic bandwidth on demand, by dynamically alternating between voice and data usage as the call volume requires.

And with just a single network connection, the bandwidth utilization management will optimize the networks performance to save your business money when compared to having separate phone service and Internet connection costs for your business.

VoIP Service with Up to 20 Mbps Bandwidth

Dynamic IP begins with a broadband connection, then adds the voice and networking service you need up to 20Mbps of bandwidth. You may also select from a collection of enhanced features designed to provide greater flexibility and more efficient communications service for your business.

Dynamic IP VoIP Service Benefits

  • Quality Service: State-of-the-art, fully-redundant IP network and on-premises integrated access devices ensures the highest quality VoIP service
  • Future-Proof Your Network: Works with your current equipment today, while providing the foundation to upgrade in the future.
  • SIP Capability: Combines your voice and data on a single circuit reducing telecom costs; delivering feature-rich Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities to operate at peak efficiency.
  • Local Support: Locally-based technical support ensures quick provisioning and upgrades with Network Operations Center (NOC) 24/7 proactive network management and support

Dynamic IP VoIP Service Features include

  • Connection speeds of up to 20Mbps or higher
  • Equally fast uploads and download speeds
  • Voice service with long distance and lots of calling features
  • Company email addresses
  • Flexible combinations of voice, data and Internet usage
  • (QOS) Voice prioritization quality
  • Delivered over a dedicated private and secure network connection
  • Fully featured such as Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling and Domain Name Services
  • SIP functionality


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