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Hosted VoIP Service for Small Business

It doesn’t matter whether your business is small single person office or large organization with hundreds of employees there are VOIP Phone Services options and providers that can give you an edge up on your competition. VOIP telephone service has become the fastest growing segment of the telecommunications industry and wit hall the features and lower costs to install it is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade to new technology without all the expense of traditional systems.

In today’s fast paced business world businesses need more to stay competitive, they need to be able to access all calls and emails where ever they are at anytime, they need to have any device be connected together so you can stay in touch with customers, Suppliers and other employees in real time, and these companies need a cost-effective and high quality voice services to be truly efficient.

When looking at all the options available to get the Best quality VOIP phone system or service for your business you have to consider your needs and requirements.

  • How many phones and employees do you have ?
  • What features will help them perform better and be more productive
  • Is the quality of Internet or Broadband access you have fast or stable enough?
  • How many employees travel or work remotely?

This is where Hosted VOIP service.net can help as an authorized Agent of most telecom Providers we can unbiased recommend a small business that is looking to get the best Voip Service for their Business exactly what they need,  with almost 30 years of Telecom and VoIP service experience we are constantly keeping up to date with the latest and very best VOIP providers around, so that we can bring to you a simpler way to determine who has the right service for your specific need.

There are a lot of service options and Hosted VoIP providers in the marketplace and choosing one that offers business with high quality service, lots of calling features, reliable call quality and great prices can be an overwhelming process.  Well that is where Hosted VoIP Service.NET will do the work for FREE.

Why companies Switch to Hosted PBX Service


✓ Future-proof technology and disaster redundant networks
✓ Lower Telephone equipment costs, management overhead & operational expenses
✓ Constant and manageable pay-per-phone/seat pricing for flexibility and growth
✓ Focus IT resources on your core business, not your phone system
✓ Easy to deploy, and lots of features to make a business more productive


VOIP Service Solutions For Business

  • Hosted PBX
  • Virtual PBX
  • SIP Trunking
  • Integrated VOIP
  • Hosted VOIP

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