Voice Services

TOP Business Voice Phone Service Solutions


All business need to stay connected to their customers, vendors and suppliers, with the best crystal – clear telephone service quality available.  Through our Telecom providers, we offer businesses a variety of voice calling options and services that are customizable to fit any small business specific requirements.


Business Class Phone Service

The best Business telephone service for small businesses is a solution that combines all your communications needs in to one custom plan, a plan that includes, local, in-state, and long distance calling, and fully featured service option.

  • Small Business Phone transports telephone calls over the most technologically advanced networks in the country providing high quality digital voice quality service for your business.
  • Key Business grade Features like call waiting, call forwarding, call hunting, three way calling, call transfer and more are included in the Business Phone Service packages provided by the nations leading phone companies that we represent.


PRI Trunks 

When a business is looking for flexibility, Scalable and very cost-effective, PRI Trunks or service we have many options to fit what your looking for that provides business customers with multi-line, voice trunks with higher capacity voice communication needs.

  • IP-enabled voice services from the nations best PRI Trunk providers offers a choice of PRI configurations – 23B, 16B, 12B or 8B+D channels, theses combinatins can support up to 23 simultaneous telephone calls for your location.
  • Network monitoring, high quality and a web-based portal combined with a service level agreement make PRI Trunking a true alternative to the local phone company for last-mile access and cost-effective calling options.
  • Voice services are delivered over a dedicated connection via an advanced fiber-rich network through a voice gateway at the business customer’s location to  provide a secure and highly reliable telecom service.

SIP Trunks

If your looking for cutting edge technology for your voice network today then, look at our SIP Trunk solutions, an Voice over IP solution that’s delivering a very flexible, highly scalable, and extremely cost-effective connection for IP PBXs.

  • Customizable to your calling needs, choose an option with as few as 4 concurrent call paths with available upgrade options in single call path increments.
  • Fully Redundant in case of disaster to help you stay in touch with your customers, vendors and employees with call continuity features that including Trunk Overflow and automatic Alternate call Routing.
  • Options include both dedicated and BYOD bandwidth options for your voice calls, so your business can get exactly the level of service that it needs, at the cost and  quality it wants.