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Over the last few years, Hosted VOIP service also know as Voice Over IP service has become a great option for small businesses in Huntington Vermont when they are looking at ways to reduce costs and Increase productivity for their business.   Feature rich technology, without the costs associated with high priced premise based systems, make it easy for a business to get everything they want and more without the expense of replacing and maintaining a new in house system. With all the enhancements in technology and improvements and cost reduction in high quality, High speed internet access it is very cost effective for a business to afford this new service.

While VoIP phone service sounds like it is magic, It really is an amazing options for phone service, and systems for companies as well as it can be significantly cheaper for a business to make and receive calls, operate and to maintain then traditional Telephone systems and service!

VoIP Phone Service in Huntington Vermont

How does Voice over Internet Phone service Works?

Basically, Virtual Pbx phone is very simple for a business to use and to look at, and it can save you up to 70% off of your current telecom costs with this high quality service option.

How Voice over IP (VoIP) works doesn’t have to be a mystery to a small business owners or their employees. Understand how it works, can help you more easily operate the technology and benefits to your company’s advantage.

How VoIP Works: At a Glance

  • What VoIP does is analog voice calls are converted into packets of data, and these data packets travel like hosted phones any other type of data, such as an e-mail, over the public Internet and/or any private Internet Protocol (IP) network.
  • Using VoIP service, you can still call all types of telephones, landlines or cell phones and other Voip numbers it doesn’t matter. As well as, you can call computer-to-computer, with both callers speaking right into a computers microphone and listening through computer speakers or headsets.
  • When evaluating VOIP, it’s worth noting that you can make or receive calls using Old telephones as well as Fax machines by just using an (ATA) analog telephone adapter connected to your systems network. Also, to ensure the best voice quality and service make sure you have Good Internet Access speed.

How VoIP Works for Your Business

VoIP works quite simple for your business, by simply adding voice over your data network, by doing this you can dramatically reduce costs, and improve productivity, and enhance employee collaboration.

  • You business will save money by only having one network to manage instead of two. You’ll be able to easily add, move, or change phone extensions and locations, with out the need of a technician, which saves money and gives you more flexibility and control.
  • Your employees can use your communications system while at home or traveling on the road. Also, wireless IP phones connect users to your communications system and data resources, such as customer information, while they’re in the warehouse, on the sales floor, or anywhere they can access your data network wirelessly.
  • Unified communications solutions for small businesses go beyond basic VoIP capabilities in enhancing collaboration. With a unified communications solution, workers can easily collaborate through voice, video chat, Web conference, and instant messaging. Employees can collaborate using each technology individually or all of them simultaneously.

Since many of the top providers do all the heavy lifting, and Master Agents like us coordinate all the set �” up and Installation for you. So delivering the service to your phones and software clients is pretty much hassle free and by using our recommended provides that offer plug and play phones technology, with the brains or Hardware of the network resides off site in the Internet Cloud and communicates with the phones directly over the internet connection making it seamless to the business user, these providers and Phone types make it simple to install and easy for you to set-up.  The majority of them require no additional on-site equipment except for the new phones.

On Site VoIP Systems Huntington Vermont

In contrast to a Hosted System, maintaining an in office self hosted on-site VoIP system requires a little more work to set �” up.  To start you will need an IP-Based (PBX) private branch exchange switch, which is a user friendly version of the PBX phone systems that most business still use today to handle calls, In addition, you may also need a device called a PSTN gateway, which will site between the IP-PBX software and the analog signal to the public switched telephone network, to convert calls to and from digital as needed.

However,  whichever option you choose, typically you can handle the basic settings for your phone lines from the phone or buy accessing the online web portal provided from you VoIP provider.

 Business Phone Systems Huntington Vermont


How do you Implement VoIP phone service for your Huntington Vermont business

Depending on the size of your company and the infrastructure that may already be in place in your office, the move to Hosted VoIP service could cost next to nothing for your company!  Hosted VoIP requires a broadband, Internet connection to be able to handle the calls,  you will want to check the speed and quality of your connection to determine if it is adequate to be able to handle the number of phones you need for your business, and we will check that for you or provide you with directions on how this is done.   You also want to look at your cabling, switches and routers to ensure that they can handle the internet load as well, and to maintain the proper QOS quality of service for maximum performance and quality.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the technology terms, we can assist in making sure everything is in place and ready to go to insure the very best quality of service, pricing and features for your business.


Hosted VoIP Service.net as an authorized agent for most major telecom providers recommends it’s clients the following providers, because we believe they provide the best Hosted VoIP experience for business.

ANPI or Bulls Eye Telecom,  these national providers offer very competitive options, pricing and features that can easily fit most businesses needs and requirements.

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For additional information check out Wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voice_over_IP